Short Cuts: Time Savers for Efficient Use of These Digital Devices
The following are tips and tricks which offer shortcuts for saving time and better management of iPod Touch’s functions.

Save Images – when wanting to save an image on a web page, tap and hold the image so it is highlighted. Now tap the “Save Image” button which appears and it is saved in saved photos.

Web Clips – when viewing a web page on the home screen, press the “+” button on the bottom of the screen. This brings up another screen and selecting the “Add to Home Screen” button creates a thumbnail icon on the home screen of the iPod.

Web Site Extensions – the keyboard has a key which allows someone to automatically add “.com” to a typed in web address. If the web address ends with some other extension, pressing and holding this key offers the ability to select an .edu, .net, or .org extension.

Screen Shots – when viewing a web page on the home screen, press and hold the “Home” button and then press the “Sleep” button. The screen will flash and the image on screen is saved in saved photos. This tip offers the ability to save pictures for embedding in slide shows or documents. This is a handy for student projects.

Move or Remove Icons – to move an icon, tap and hold it until it wiggles in place. Now move the icon with a finger to desired location on the screen. To remove a downloaded app icon, press the “x” attached to the icon.

Scrolling – instead of manually scrolling back to the top of a web page or document, a quick tap on the bar at the top of the screen returns to the top.

Saving Battery Life – to conserve the battery’s life, have it go to sleep after a specified period of time. This time is adjustable in the iPod’s clock and timer function. This is convenient when a student forgets to turn it off at the end of use or the device is not in use for the given period of time. The device comes back to life by touching the screen.