Why iPod touch and iPads in education?

Mobile learning in the form of the iPod touch and/or iPad will empower learners with opportunities to collaborate, create, access, and distribute content.

Mobile devices, such as the ipod touch and iPad promote complex problem solving, higher order thinking and digital resources for learning and prepare kids for 21st century. Jobs today requires flexible multi-use devices that can keep up and be ubiquitous ie. there anytime.

The iPod touch and/or iPad, students can personalize learning- teaching students not to be dependent just on a teacher to give them content and resources, but to actively seek out, create and share digitally themselves- ie. become self- directed learners.

Mobile devices can be used to target age appropriate, measurable goals that will impact student achievement; ie: Primary: improve fluency and literacy in reading; Secondary; Research, digital resources to create authentic projects.

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